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La morte della piccola Hind


E’ morta Hind Rajab. Aveva sei anni. Era in fuga, sfollata. Inseguita dall’esercito israeliano. Era in una macchina scassata, col nonno e lo zio.
La mamma era rimasta a piedi. In fuga anche lei. L’hanno intercettata i carri armati israeliani.

I carri armati contro Hind, capite? Hanno sparato. Il nonno è morto, anche lo zio, anche un altro passeggero. Lei si era salvata, insieme a una cuginetta che ha telefonato alla mamma di Hind. Poi le ha passato Hind.

“Ho paura, mamma” diceva la bambina. “Ci sono i carri armati”. Allora la mamma ha chiamato la Mezzaluna Rossa e alcuni operatori della Mezzaluna Rossa hanno parlato con Hind. Lei diceva: “Venitemi a prendere, ci sono i carri armati, ho paura”. Chiedeva: “Vero che venite a prendermi?”. La telefonata è stata registrata da Mezzaluna Rossa e passata alla Bbc, che l’ha diffusa in tutto il mondo.

Due medici della Mezzaluna Rossa sono partiti al soccorso. Sulla base delle poche indicazioni stradali che Hind era riuscita a dare loro. Sembra che siano arrivati. Non sappiamo se l’hanno trovata ancora viva. I soldati israeliani hanno ucciso anche loro. Li hanno trovati ieri. Trovato i cadaveri. Loro, di Hind, della cugina.




Little Hind’s death


Hind Rajab was a six-year-old Palestinian girl from the Tel al-Hawa neighbourhood in Gaza City who was killed by the Israeli military, after being the sole survivor of Israeli tank fire on the vehicle in which she had fled with six relatives. Hind’s story travelled around the world when a phone recording of what’s now understood to be her and her family’s final moments went viral on social media.

On the call, which lasted for about three hours, Hind begged rescue workers to come save her after the family’s car came under fire and she became the sole survivor, stranded inside with her dead relatives. Two dispatchers with the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) sent to save her were also killed. The PRCS has accused Israel of deliberately targeting the medical team despite back and forth between the organisation and the army as the medics tried to get permission to evacuate Hind.

Hind and her cousins are just some of the thousands of children killed in Israel’s relentless war on Gaza in violation of international law. More than 30,000 people have died in Gaza since October 7. According to a report by the Times of Israel, Israeli officials said an initial investigation showed that troops were not present in the Tal al-Hawa suburb of Gaza City on January 29 when Hind and five other family members were killed.

“It appears that … troops were not present near the vehicle or within firing range of the described vehicle in which the girl was found,” a statement from the Israeli army read. The statement directly contradicts the evidence as recorded in the circulating phone call between the PRCS and Hind.



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