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by Gaetano Greco

Can words do justice to what we are witnessing right now in Gaza and the West Bank. Let’s try.
Over eight thousand innocent Palestinians have been slaughtered so far, two thirds of them women and children while tens of thousands have been injured and face inadequate medical care.
Over a million displaced Palestinians trapped with nowhere to go in what is already one of the world’s most densely populated areas. Gaza is now under total siege with no water, food, electricity, or fuel allowed in by the Israeli government who have held Palestinians there in an open prison for decades.
120 countries called for a cease fire during a UN General Assembly meeting, but leaders of western countries including Australia are continuing to support Israeli’s inhumane bombing of Palestinian refugees in Gaza.
Hospitals, schools, UN relief sites and places of worship where Palestinians have been sheltering have been indiscriminately targeted.
Entire families bombed and wiped out in their own homes and whole neighbourhoods reduced to concrete rubble with hundreds buried alive.
The tonnage of bombs dropped on Gaza in the past weeks amount to the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the USA.
No matter how the western media continues to disgracefully spin the narrative in defence of Israel, we can all see that the Palestinian people are the subjects of collective punishment, war crimes and genocide.
Yes, the 1948 word to describe what we are witnessing right now is another Palestinian Nakba.


di Gaetano Greco

Possono le parole rendere giustizia a quello che stiamo a Gaza e in Cisgiordania.
Oltre ottomila innocenti palestinesi innocenti sono stati massacrati finora, due terzi dei quali donne e bambini, mentre decine di migliaia sono stati sono stati feriti e devono far fronte a cure mediche inadeguate.
Oltre un milione di palestinesi sfollati intrappolati senza un posto dove andare in quella che è già una delle aree più densamente popolate del mondo.
Gaza è ora sotto assedio totale, senza acqua, cibo, elettricità o carburante elettricità o carburante da parte del governo israeliano che ha tenuto i palestinesi in una prigione a cielo aperto per decenni.

120 Paesi hanno chiesto un cessate il fuoco durante una riunione dell’Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite dell’ONU, ma i leader dei Paesi occidentali, tra cui l’Australia, stanno continuano a sostenere i bombardamenti disumani di Israele sui rifugiati palestinesi a Gaza.
Ospedali, scuole, luoghi di soccorso dell’ONU e luoghi di culto ONU e luoghi di culto dove i Palestinesi si sono rifugiati sono stati presi di mira indiscriminatamente.
Intere famiglie bombardate e spazzate via nelle loro stesse case e interi quartieri quartieri ridotti a macerie di cemento calcestruzzo e centinaia di persone sepolte vive.

Le tonnellate di bombe sganciate su Gaza nelle ultime settimane è pari alla bomba atomica sganciata su Hiroshima dagli Stati Uniti.
Non importa come i media occidentali occidentali continuino a girarla vergognosamente in difesa di Israele, tutti noi possiamo vedere che il popolo palestinese è oggetto di punizioni collettive, crimini di guerra e genocidio.
Sì, la parola del 1948 per descrivere quello a cui stiamo assistendo in questo momento è un’altra Nakba palestinese.



Self defenceless – the final solution


In safety and comfort the world watched real brutality in real time.

There were two combatants but it was even only in that it was one against one.

The angry and instigator was slight hinting feebleness, but not from age. The target of his violence was a bigger more robust person.

On being hit he responded with a forceful head punch that floored his attacker who stood up only to receive another powerful punch to the head from which he could not recover let alone threaten.

However, the victim, under the cover of righteousness, unleashed a latent destructive rage.

With an iron bar he broke an arm then the other arm before two more brutal blows broke his assailant’s legs.
The violent fury persisted with a final blow cracking the skull.

At some point in the above scenario the individual’s right to self defence ceased, even though this could differ according to variations in perspectives.

Israel, a nation of means, and one of the most militarized, has for decades constrained and constricted Palestinians, compressing them into even smaller lands that have become open air prisons.

That Israel continues to bomb Gaza to rubble and enforcing deprivation, on millions of Palestinians, is the final solution in a trend of perpetual punishment.

Is the irony lost and does the silence of good people, that gives consent to evil, entrench the survival of inhumanity?

As the Nuremberg trials attest the barbarity of Nazi atrocities did not unleash on Germans such biblical retribution.

A ground war is unlikely for Israel will only enter territory from which they have exterminated or expelled Palestinians.

Official crocodile tears for Israel will not exonerate its Savage and murderous actions that its government should be held to account under international law.




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